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Regular Town of Elcho Meetings are held the Third Thursday of each month,
at the Town Hall, beginning at 7:00 PM.

CHAIRMAN:  Gary Johnson, P.O. Box 397, Elcho, WI 54428.....……….715-610-4445

SUPERVISOR:    Jeff McKinney, N10544 E. Isle of Pine Dr., Elcho, WI 54428.………......715-275-4563

SUPERVISOR:    Ryan Siemers, P.O. Box 364, Elcho, WI 54428…………….715-216-0678

CLERK:    Kathleen (Kate) Kelly, W10550 County Rd. K, Elcho, WI 54428,....... Cell 715-360-5507

TREASURER:     Melissa Siemers, N11290 Riordan St., Elcho, WI 54428........Cell 715-216-4112
                                  You can view 2016 tax payments made to the town at the county website at:

ASSESSOR:          Kelly Zillmer, E6289 Knaack Road, Marion, WI 54950 ................715-754-2861

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Town of Elcho 
PO Box 206
Elcho, WI 54428

To request information, contact the Clerk or Treasurer at 715-275-3309,
drop by the office in the Town Hall, during above hours or email the Clerk or Treasurer at above emails. 

Town Hall is located at N11234 Dorr Street, Elcho

Next Board Meetings 
July 20,2017
August 17, 2017


Elcho Town Board Meeting

May 18, 2017




Meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm.  Chairman Gary Johnson, Supervisor Jeff McKinney Treasurer Melissa Siemers, and Clerk Kathleen Kelly were present.  Supervisor Ryan Siemers arrived at 7:10.


Public comment on each agenda item will be accepted when the agenda item is discussed.


 Motion made by Jeff McKinney, second by Gary Johnson, all voted to approve the meeting minutes from April 18, 2017 as submitted.


Motion made by Gary Johnson, seconded by Jeff McKinney, all voted to approve the financial report and pre-paid bills.


There were no reports from EMS, Fire department, or Pavilion committee.


Ward1 and Ward 2 representatives were not present so there was no report.


Regarding roads, Suzie Rabideau from PLIA commented that there is a washout on Post Lake Drive, the boat landing needs attention and that West Shore Drive needs cleanup.  Discussion of the road inspection noted that there is some work to be done on Northwoods, Pioneer and Pioneer Lane.  It was noted that some of the work will need an easement first. Question was raised regarding Maple as to whether there is room for ditches.  Chairman noted that most of the road repair money for this year will be going to the Fitzgerald Dam Road project.


Purchase of a box culvert for the Fitzgerald Dam Road project should wait until bids for the project are in.  Jeff McKinney will try to see if there are any less expensive options as the quote submitted for this is high.  Noted that there will be only 4 to 5 weeks to get the project done after the bid is awarded.


 Motion made by Ryan Siemers, seconded by Jeff McKinney to revise ordinance #2015-002

Regarding Transfer Station Fees to include a sentence stating that the board shall review and set the

cost of a replacement permit on an annual basis.


Motion made by Jeff McKinney, seconded by Ryan Siemers to contribute the same amounts as last year for the July 4th fireworks display for Elcho and Post Lake.  Motion carried with Gary Johnson abstaining.


Motion made by Ryan Siemers, second by Jeff McKinney to note no objections to the two(2) zoning permits.  Motion carried.


Correspondence was received regarding contracting for tank monitoring.  Jeff McKinney will check to see if we need to do this.


A motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ryan Siemers, seconded by Gary Johnson to adjourn.  Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 pm.


Kathleen Kelly – Town Clerk 

Town of Elcho

N11234 Dorr Street, PO box 206, Elcho, WI  54428

Phone 715-275-3309 – fax 715-275-4442